What is a gentleman? Ask someone. The description they give is usually a clean-shaven man in an equally clean-pressed suit. He holds the door for a beautiful woman in a red dress as she climbs into a classic sports car. By looking at him, you know he is a man of character, someone another man could count on, and a woman would fall for. But what is he really like?

Or rather, what is his place in modern society?

Our inspiration at What is a Gentleman is simple. We are disappointed in the widespread and socially ignored decline of the gentleman. The once common attitude of mutual and self respect is now so rare that we accept the appearance of a gentleman for the real thing.

The good news is culture is constantly shifting and we see the future trending toward the resurgence of the gentleman. Today a man can have pride in his appearance and not worry about seeming feminine or self-absorbed, unlike a few short years ago. Politeness and courtesy are slowly starting to be welcomed rather than dismissed as someone trying too hard. By championing these trends, we hope to usher in the age of the gentleman once again.

We all know the basics; open doors, avoid coarse language, lend a hand to others, expect nothing in return. But how does the maturing millennial build on these simple principles and make them his own, to find his own definition of a “gentleman”?

This is our mission - create a community to explore what todays gentleman looks like, how he carries himself, and the goods he carries with him. This is a movement of learning and exploration, an attempt to salvage the old laws of how to be a real man, while creating some of our own to adapt to the norms of the day. It is about how we can learn to respect those around us and ultimately ourselves, how to dress the part, and more importantly, how to live it.


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