Premium Analytics Service


Price: $550

The Premium Analytics Service is the highest tier service available, providing a full day of service complete with free coffee, no catalog cap, drinks made for you while we discuss closet theory, and a bunch of freebies. This is the full assessment and tutor package for those in need of a full image overhaul and want to experience the gentleman lifestyle.


Included in this service:

  • An in-person, complimentary 30-minute consultation where we hang out to discuss your style at a coffee shop or bar (your choice) with the first two drinks on us.

  • A 2-3 hour closet inventory session to catalog all items in your wardrobe, as you sip on your favorite drink, prepared by your consultant.

  • A 30-minute debrief on your personalized analytics report, providing customized guidance on what to get rid of, what to replace, what to keep, and what your closet needs.

  • 1 free garment based on the results of your analytics.

  • A 1.5-2 hour session where we will discuss closet theory in depth and build out up to 10 work outfits and 10 casual outfits for different occasions over drinks.

  • The option to give us your unwanted garments to be donated for you. So you have one less errand to run.

  • 2 free months of our personalized sales alerts, giving you a heads up when the pieces you are missing go on sale, helping you save money as you continue to improve your look. ($60 value)

  • A free Travel Assistant Package ($20 value)

  • 1 free month of the Consultant On-Demand service. ($50 value)

  • Eligibility for any future subscription package.

Total appointment time: Two 30-minute sessions (consult and read-out), one 2-3 hour inventory session, one 1.5-2 hour outfitting session, or 1 full day.

Freebies Included: 2 drinks, 1 starter garment, a bottle of your preferred liquor, 2 months of personalized sales alerts, 1 custom travel assistant packing list, and a free month of our Consultant On-Demand service.

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