Closet Analytics (Base Tier)


Closet Analytics (Base Tier)

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Our basic analytics starter pack. The Closet Analytics service include a 30 minute consultation at your favorite coffee shop or bar, a 2 hour inventory session to catalog your clothes and talk through some basic dressing principles, and a customized report on your closet with recommendations on what items you need to replace, what you’re missing, and what items should be supplemented that are likely to wear out more quickly.

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This service includes:

  • An in-person, complimentary 30-minute consultation where we hang out and discuss your style at a coffee shop or bar (your choice) with the first drink on us.

  • A 1.5-2 hour closet inventory session to catalog up to 100 items in your wardrobe- additional items can be cataloged at an added cost. 

  • A personalized analytics report providing customized guidance on what to get rid of, what to replace, what to keep, and what your closet needs.

  • The option for a 30-minute read out, in person or over the phone to go over your results.

  • Eligibility for travel assistant packages, future personalized sales alert subscription services, and the Outfit Builder subscription.

Total Appointment Time: about 3 hours

Freebees Included: 1 drink, 1 month of Sales Alerts