Outfit Builder Packages


Outfit Builder Packages

from 40.00

Whether you have already completed an in-person audit and need a little more help building outfits out of what you have, or you know you like your current closet and just need help putting some clean looks together, we are here to help. Offered in a subscription-based remote guidance format, and stand alone in-person sessions. We suggest an in person session once every 3 months to prep for the upcoming season to make sure you have what you need to kill it. Inventory session not required

Give Me Outfits!

What you get:

Standalone Session

  • We will go through your closet and pick out 8 outfits for work and 8 outfits for casual wear during various occasions you are expecting to attend over the next 3 months with the clothes you already own.
  • If you have an inventory with us already, we will update it with any new pieces, and remove the ones you have gotten rid of.

Subscription Service (Inventory session required)

  • We will provide a new outfit based on your closet once a week
  • Available (via text and email) for on-demand outfit help once a week. (Please allow 24 hours for responses)