Interview Prep Session

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Price: $100

When you need to look your best on a day that matters a great deal. We help you pick out the items in your closet you can wear to make the best impression you can during your upcoming interview, and will suggest any items you may need to make sure you look the part. Each session lasts about an hour to make sure you are confident in how you look and how you are presenting yourself. That way, all you'll need to do is worry about the questions.  Inventory session not required.


This service includes:

  • One 1-hour session that begins at a coffee shop or bar (if you are over 21) near your house to discuss the following:

    • What interview(s) you have coming up

    • Review and discuss tips and tricks regarding non-verbal communication that will be important to make a good first impression

    • Discuss what clothes you have available to wear for the interview(s).

  • We then go to your closet and pick out the perfect interview outfit based on information provided during the coffee shop conversation.

  • We will provide recommendations on any new items that may need to be purchased, or if alterations need to be made to your suit.


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