Personalized Sales Alerts


Price: $30/mo

Instead of taking you out shopping, we will take the time-consuming task of looking out for sales on the things you need over time, so you don't have to. This enables you to spend less to acquire more of the things you need, and reduce your impulse buys on the items you don't. Inventory session not required but highly encouraged.


What you get:

  • For those who have completed a closet inventory

    • We will use the information gathered through your inventory session to identify needed items and keep watch across a variety of brands including those you already own, and some smaller brands you may not know, to alert you to sales on pieces you need. This will help you keep the cost of maintaining and growing your closet to a minimum.

    • When you purchase an item, just let us know, and we will add it to your inventory, keeping your closet inventory up to date.

  • If you have not purchased a closet inventory product, no problem, we will send you an email and a basic survey to discuss what items you are looking for, your sizes, and the style you are looking to achieve.

    Note: The average subscriber saves over the $30 subscription fee when purchasing two or more items per month!