meet the gents

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Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently thriving within the city limits, Stephen derives his style from his recent years in NYC, and his not so recent years of his mother dressing him for formal functions and parties. His moral north is aligned to a traditionally southern mentality originating from his southern-style family upbringing. This endeavor was sprouted from his experience in the big city, and the apparent absence of respect for one’s neighbor. With his North-meets-South persona and a drive to create a resource and community for the resurgence of the gentleman today, What Is a Gentleman was born.

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Tyler is still residing in the Steel City today. Pittsburgh is in the midst of an impressive revitalization that is a direct result of its ability to embrace change while staying true to its blue-collar history. The strong work ethic and adaptability displayed by the city of Pittsburgh embodies what Tyler strives to exhibit daily. Throughout the years, Tyler has accomplished his goals by staying true to himself and his working-class roots, while maintaining his kind-hearted and generous personality. He looks forward to sharing his advice and experiences with the WIAG community in its endeavor to shape the modern-day gentleman.


Florida born, but Mid-Atlantic bred, Andrew’s style is a blend of his down-south roots, prep-school ties, and urbanite leanings - a self professed yuppie hipster. A seasoned Washingtonian of eight years, Andrew’s eclectic taste is well suited for one of the nation’s most cosmopolitan and transient cities. He believes a gentleman is defined by his experiences, curiosity, and respect for his fellow man. He joined the WIAG team to exercise his creative muscles and to help rejuvenate and reinvent the modern gentleman. 

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A social studies teacher by trade, Ben is by its very definition a renaissance man. Centered in education, he moonlights reading and writing between lesson plans and trips to new places. Compiling a multitude of tastes and interests into a singular voice while living a life of constant learning gives him his distinct style, offering insight to the new age old question “What is a Gentleman?”


Jess is an art director, graphic designer, and honorary gentle(wo)man. After graduating, she headed to New York to pursue her design career, her dream of re-creating You’ve Got Mail in real life, and her insatiable appetite for great pizza. She joined the WIAG crew to create a handsome home for this labor of love, and hopes to provide a feminine perspective on the modern-day gentleman. After all, "Behind every great man..." or something like that.