2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 18th). Have you gotten a gift for dear old Dad yet? Chances are probably not but don’t worry, we have come up with a list of great gifts for the guy who made you into the man you are today based on the kind of guy your old man is.

The Outdoorsy Dad

For the Dad who enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and is always trying to get the family to go on a camping trip. 

Switch 10 micro Solar Recharging Kit

For the Dad that likes to be in the wilderness, but still loves his electronics, this solar charger is the perfect gadget saver. It takes 4 hours to charge, and will give another life to his smart phone or two extra Zelda hearts to his GoPro.

Rambler 20 Can Backpack Cooler.jpg

Rambler 20-can Cooler Backpack

When Dad is in party mode, reduce his back strain from carrying a heavy cooler with one hand, get him a backpack to do distribute the weight more evenly. This perfect party-on-the-go beach bag comes complete with a bottle opener zipper tab, saving Pops' back and his groove.


The Dad stuck in 90’s Fashion

For the Dad who still thinks he's in the 1990 rocking oversized blazers, an old tattered sports t-shirt, or those boot-cut jeans.

Bonobos Classic Pique Polo

If your Dad is still riding the Ralph Lauren Polo horse, maybe it's time you drop him a hint that other brands make short sleeve Henley's with a collar. This Pique Polo from Bonobos is super soft, has great structure and will push Pops into the 21st century.


Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

If your Dad is typically the Khaki King, with more leg room than any one person ever needs, then these might be the perfect gateway pant for him. They are straight fit, as to not scare him off in fear of leg constriction, and they have added stretch so he can still bend down to get pick out a beer from the cooler without restricting movement at the knees.


The Golfing Guru 

For the Dad that spends his free time at the range or on the course. Tell-tale signs include a severe farmers tan, a blister on at least one thumb, and never taking his clubs out of his trunk.

TaylorMade New Era Hat

A TaylorMade hat like this is an icon on the greens. Give Dad some extra course-cred and gift him a golf hat made of moisture wick polyester that has a built-in sweatband to keep the sweat out of his eyes, so he can focus on the ball.


Adidas Tour360 Golf Shoes

Is dad still rocking those out-dated white-toe, tan-arched golf shoes? Catch him up and get him a pair of the new school classics. These adidas are stuffed with the latest sole tech keeping Pops feeling good from the Kentucky Blue Grass on up.


The Grill Master

For the old man who is almost worthless in the kitchen but a self-proclaimed king of the outdoor cooking experience. 

Jacobsen Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Every great grill master has a secret ingredient, and this can be your Dad's. This savory specialty adds a smokey flavor to any chicken or steak you throw on the grill, creating a flavor explosion on the tongue. Make Dad the grilling champ, and get him his secret weapon.


Traeger Large Cut Meat and Fish Spatula

Most dads like a few things: a cold beer, when their football team wins, and meat, lots of meat. Get your Dad a spatula that matches the size of his meat craving. This meat flopper is 6"x9.5" compared to the normal 3.5"x5" meaning they can easily play with the largest piece of meat they can find.


Do you have any other great ideas for Dad? Help out your fellow gent in the comments below.