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What is a Gentleman (WIAG) provides wardrobe consulting and image styling designed specifically for men. Use the power of data analytics to understand more about what you have in your closet and what you’ll need to become more confident in who you are and who you can be. We will give you the guidance and knowhow to help you build a better you.

In addition, we offer more traditional style consulting services like personal shopping, closet clean-outs, and interview prep along with innovative subscription services to provide more continuous guidance. Check out our services via the links below!

With the exception of online person shopping, all services are only available in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and D.C. Metro areas.


Analytics-Based Consulting Service


Closet Analytics Service (Basic Inventory Session)

Our basic tier analytics package that includes an inventory session to digitize your closet and provide a unique view into your wardrobe using data analytics through a personalized metrics report. Get a better understanding of what you have, so you only purchase the items you need to look the way you want. This is a great starting point for those who just want to see what they have, and get some guidance on how to improve their look.


Analytics and Wardrobe Starter Kit

Our advanced tier of analytics-based service includes all of the benefits from our basic tier and adds an extra layer of assistance. Not only do you get a fully personalized metrics report with purchase suggestions, but we will also work with you to build outfits out of what you already have and the new items you buy to make sure you’re confident in your new look.


Full Immersion Experience Service

We pull out all of the stops in our premium package. Spend a full day with your consultant, going through your closet, sip on some drinks, get all of your questions answered, and chat about men’s lifestyle and style. This tier also comes loaded with freebees and subscription add-ons. This service is for the guy who wants to redo his closet and make it a “Treat-yoself” kind of day.


Traditional Fashion Consulting Services


Personal Shopping Service

The classic consulting service. This includes a preemptive 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals, and what you’re looking to accomplish with your new clothes. Afterwards, you and your consultant go pick out some new threads, talking about fit, style, and dressing tips along the way.

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Online Personal Shopping Service (Available anywhere in the US)

A digital take on a wardrobe consulting classic. This service includes a 30-min call or face-time consultation to discuss what you are looking for, your goals, budget etc. and your consultant will come back to you with an email packed with clothing options in your size, and guidance on what to get and what to avoid.


Closet Clean Out Service

If you don’t need help buying clothes, but just need help cleaning out and organizing what you already have, we have you covered. We go through your closet with you, helping decide what fits, what’s on trend, and what should never be worn again. Afterwards, we will help you put it all back in an organized manner so you know where everything is and what goes together.


Outfit Builder Service

Need help putting together what you already have? The outfit builder package grants you an hour session where you and your consultant work together to sort through what you have in your closet, and put together outfits for work, play, and your upcoming special events. Typically clients order this about once every 3 months to prep for the new season.


Interview Prep Service

Nervous about that big interview coming up? Don’t be. You and your consultant will talk through what you need to wear, picking out the exact outfit you’ll rock for your interview. But you won’t just go over clothes, you’ll go over do’s and don’t regarding nonverbal communication and its effect on the interviewing process, making sure you’re prepped and ready to crush it.

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Groom and Groomsmen Styling

Make sure you look your best on the day that matters the most to you and your bride. We offer groom and groomsmen wardrobe planning, as well as day-of styling support for you and your groomsmen, you know, just in case you need help tying that tie or bowtie and fixing that pocket square.


Subscription Services


Personalized Sales Alert Subscription Service

Not everyone has the means to buy everything they need at one time, or when its not on sale. Our personalized sales alert service does all of the sale hunting for you, giving you a weekly email that highlights items you need to fill in your look that are on sale, so you can find what you need for less work and less cash.


On-Demand Consulting Subscription Service

For the guy that wants unlimited access and help right away. The on-demand consulting service gives you texting access to your own personal fashion consultant for all last minute questions like “What do I wear?”, “What kind of shoes go with this shirt?”, and “do I look good in this?” This service also includes scheduled video calls to plan for bigger events.


Travel Assistant Packages

Packing for a trip can be confusing frustrating and time consuming. We take your digitized closet inventory and your trip itinerary to come up with a full packing and outfit list. This is easily the best way to know you have everything you need, and feel confident you will look good everyday while dressing out of a suitcase.


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