Attainable Wardrobe Consulting For Men

(In-person services available in the Philadelphia Area Only)

We aren't your girlfriend's or wife's fashion consultant. We are wardrobe consultants catering only to men, providing analytics on your closet that help you understand what you have and give you recommendations on what you need. Many fashion or image consultants charge a small fortune to take a quick look at your closet and suggest you need to spend over $2,000 on new clothes right away. We build custom analytics using proprietary algorithms to provide recommendations based on your closet giving you a clear starting point, and provide personalized direction on where to go from there.  We also provide monthly services to help you buy new items overtime when they are on sale, saving you money over the long term and provide auxiliary services that help you create new outfits as your closet matures and aid in the packing process for when you travel.

Closet Analytics (Base Tier)

Our basic analytics starter pack. The Closet Analytics service include a 30 minute consultation at your favorite coffee shop or bar, a 2 hour inventory session to catalog your clothes and talk through some basic dressing principles, and a customized report on your closet with recommendations on what items you need to replace, what you’re missing, and what items should be supplemented that are likely to wear out more quickly.

Analytics and Wardrobe Starter (Mid-Tier)

The Analytics and Wardrobe Starter Service is our mid-tier service package that includes all of the level 1 perks plus an extra hour session on closet theory, while we build 8 new outfits out of your current closet, and order you a new item you need, on us.

Glittering Prizes (Top Tier)

The Glittering Prizes Service is the highest tier service available, providing a full day of service complete with free drinks, unlimited cataloging of items in your closet, drinks made for you while we discuss closet theory, and a bunch of freebies, giving you a full assessment and tutor package for those in need of a full image overhaul.

Add-on Packages and Subscriptions

Personalized Sales Alerts

Instead of taking you out shopping to spend even more money (which we do offer upon special request) we will take the time-consuming task of looking out for sales on the things you need over time, so you don't have to. This enables you to spend less time and money acquiring the things you need, and reduce your impulse buying on the items you don't. Inventory session not required.

Travel Assistant Packages

Packing can be a huge time suck, especially when you are slammed at work, and don't want to spend your little free time thinking about  what clothes you'll need for each activity. But don't worry, we have your back, we'll do all the thinking for you, so you can worry about work, hit the gym, and relax until it's time to actually pack.

Outfit Builder Packages

Whether you have already completed an in-person audit and need a little more help building outfits out of what you have, or you know you like your current closet and just need help putting some clean looks together, we are here to help. Offered in a subscription-based remote guidance format, and stand alone in-person sessions. We suggest an in person session once every 3 months to prep for the upcoming season to make sure you have what you need to kill it. Inventory session not required