Fossil Aiden Belt



Whats the big deal about belts? I mean you only really see them if you're tucking your shirt in right? WRONG. Belts are important, not only do they help keep your pants above your would-be plumber's crack, they help complete an outfit. Women look for belts, it shows that you are deeper than just what's on the surface and while they add an extra step in at foreplay, it can show that you know what you are doing, giving your lady-friend confidence in her decision to go below the belt, so to speak. This Fossil belt is a solid, standard brown leather belt, it's not too pricey and is minimalistic in its design, meaning it can be dressed up or down based on your need. So if you want a belt that will last, but not cost you a fortune, this would be a good one to start with.

Available on for $35


Full Disclaimer: We don't make money off of this item, but we think it will serve you well.