Scotch & Soda Mott Stretch Super Slim Chinos

Scotch and Soda Mott Chinos stretch Comb B.jpg

Feel like making a statement but don't have the right piece to do it? Consider your problem solved. These Mott Chinos scream "I'm edgy and it's fall!" which is perfect for the guy looking to make an impression when you enter the local Biergarten or adult bowling alley. These super slim chinos are 98% cotton and 2% elastane meaning they will breathe a bit and stretch where you need it so the slim cut doesn't impede movement. The dark brown, intricate diamond pattern is sure to be unique in almost any room you enter, making you even more so. These pants will be fairly tight and come in longer leg sizes, so those with larger thighs or shorter legs will experience an interesting fit. As a side note, the belt comes with it! We suggest you wear these with a solid dark green t-shirt or a white t-shirt with a dark blue bomber jacket.

Available on for $125


Full disclosure: We don't make any money off of this pick, be we like it, and think you will too!