Everlane Straight Fit Pant

via Everlane.com

via Everlane.com

Everlane's pants are usually a slimmer fit, but guys with tree trunks for legs found that even with the elastane integrated into the cotton, they were still just too tight of a cut. So, Everlane came out with these, a straight-leg version of their classic chino-style pant. They are also 98% cotton and 2% elastane like their slimmer predecessors and fall nicely on gents with thicker legs and butt.

One thing to note when buying online, the lengths lay a bit longer than they say (by about 2 inches) so if you a 30/32, you might want to go for a 30/30 instead. Also, a cool thing about Everlane, if you scroll to the bottom of their individual product pages you can see how much each product costs to make vs. how much they charge you for them... transparency = pretty cool.

Available on Everlane.com for $68