Wurkin Stiffs Polo Stays

If you couldn't tell, we are big fans of the people over at Wurkin Stiffs. Mostly for their work involving magic, but also because they make some solid men's products. These Polo Stays fall into the magic category, not just because they involve magnets but also because these have crazy sticking power. "How do they work?" you ask, strap in.

You place the large metal plate adhesive-side down against the underside at the points of your collar, fold the collar down like normal, and place the magnets on the inside of the shirt where the collar points lay. And BAM your fly away collars on your polos and any shirt without collar stay slots are gone for good. But wait, won't the sticky-plates fall off in the wash? Not for at least 20 washes, and if you apply heat once you stick them on, they should last even longer. We use them all the time, and will never go back.

Available on WurkinStiffs.com for $35


Full disclosure: We received this item from this vendor for free to review their product.