Kiehl's Lite Flite Shave Cream



Your face deserves to be treated nicely, I mean, it's the main tool used when attracting a mate. One of the harshest things we do to our faces is shaving, the act is literally us taking a knife to our face. To compensate for the harsh facial follicle carving, make sure the shaving cream you use, hydrates, soothes, has natural ingredients to not further irritate your skin. We like this Kiehl's shaving cream is made with Camphor (evergreen derivative) and mint for a great cooling effect, and lavender oil for soothing inflamed skin, and reducing blotchiness.  Note: this shaving cream is meant to be used with a brush, so if you buy it without owning one, you're going to have a hard time.

Available on for $16


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