Johnston & Murphy Cormac Cap Toe



Most people know about good ol' J&M. They are a standard mid-tier every-man's "nice" dress shoe. What you need to know is they have tiers of shoes that can play at Allen Edmonds level, for about $100 less. Meet the Cormac Cap Toe, this shoe is a part of their "Handmade in Italy" collection, their top-shelf shoe line. If you are going to invest in shoes, don't skimp out on the $175 everyday J&M that will wear out in 2 years, and have your cobbler yelling at you about how "they don't use real leather on the bottoms of their shoes!" and "the dang heal is made of cardboard!" Invest the extra $100 and get a pair of these. They are hand stained and burnished so every pair is a little different, they are lightweight, have simple yet power styling, and have a pad on the bottom of the sole so you won't be slipping up steps for the first month you wear them. J&M is also known for being a comfortable shoe, however a note to the buyer, since these are handmade, they will need a little breaking in, like a good shoe should.

Available on for $275


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