Boardies Venice Yellow Swirl Shorties Swim Trunks



Who wears short shorts? You wear short shorts of course! These super short swim trunks are just what you need to show off on the beach. They are loud and force you to be proud of all those squats you did this winter because they are gonna show much of a quadroceratops you truly are. They have a 2-inch inseam (yes 2, like two, like T-W-O) so we wouldn't recommend cutting the mesh lining out, because it may be the only thing between you and an indecent exposure charge.

Go get the attention you deserve, and rock these babies like only a real man can! We suggest you pair these with a healthy dose of sunscreen on your upper thighs and these sick sunnies. ALSO: these are on sale right now for $27 down from 70 whole cashmellows, but only for MDW so act quickly.

Available on for $27 (MDW weekend only)