Topman Navy Turn Up Short Sleeve Dress Shirt



If you are looking for a brand that isn't too expensive, looks nice on normal and more slender frames, and isn't J.Crew, then Topman is for you. They are constantly releasing interesting pattern combinations and playing with prints. Sometimes the results are loud, but sometimes they are more subtle. This navy floral turn-up sleeve is more of the latter. Shirts with small details like this can make more of an impression than loud boisterous patterns, and can help you come across less douchey. As we say time and time again, subtle details get noticed. So go on and get noticed. The fit on this shirt is a bit slim and long, however, you can fit a 40 chest in a medium without it looking bulgy. We suggest wearing it with white or gray bottoms (shorts or chinos), a nice pair of drivers, and a pair of nice shades for a solid semi-formal summer look. 

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Available on for $50


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