Everlane Linen Short Sleeve Button-Down

via Everlane.com

via Everlane.com

Heading to a beach this summer? If so, you're going to need a button-down that says, "I know how to dress, but I also like to keep cool." This is the shirt that says exactly that. It is a slim fit meaning you won't have a lot of fabric flapping in the wind, but the linen material is great at letting the breeze in. Be better than the guy with the tank top and a sugary drink yelling at the guy playing guitar in the back of the beach bar to get attention, be the guy in a linen button-down with a cold beer or a G&T sipping, relaxing, and staying cool and let the ladies (or guys) come to you. We suggest wearing this shirt with a pair of lightweight shorts, or lightweight chinos if it is looking to get cooler at night.

Available on Everlane.com for $50


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