Saturdays NYC Canyon Bonded Sage Hat



If you have been looking for a lightweight hat to throw on to and from the gym or in need of a casual beach cap to cover up the mess of hair you get from being in the ocean and shaking your hair dry, then this hat is for you. The Canyon hat from Saturdays NYC is different than most of the hats on your hat rack or closet shelf because it is 100% nylon, meaning it is super light and doesn't have a lot of structure to the body of the hat. There is a good chance you will be the only person on your street with one of these so if being unique is your concern then snag this guy soon because it's on sale @ 50% off. Wear it backward with a tank of your choice and some simple shorts or trunks for a relaxed look.

Available on sale at for $25 (on sale from $50)


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