Johnston & Murphy Cartwright Cap Toe Dress Shoes



"Oxfords not Brogues" a man once said. That man was Colin Firth playing the ever-daring Harry Hart in Kingsman Secret Service (this generation's take on the Bond epics that is quite good). These J&Ms are indeed oxfords. While they do have some added stitching on the toe to for the "cap" there is no brogueing, making them more formal and more suitable for work and dinner attire. One note on these bad boys, you'll note they are cheaper than Allen Edmonds, this is because 1. they are made outside of the states, and 2. they are cemented together where AE's are sewn. Cementing doesn't last as long but they can be re-soled more easily, so the choice is yours. These specific shoes are what J&M calls Bourdeaux, or what we call cordovan, or what normal people call maroon. They go with brighter blue and navy suits, as well as dark to light gray ones. We find you can wear these with the largest variety of suit colors, so if you are thinking about another pair of shoes and you already have a black and a medium brown, go for the Bordeaux/cordovan/maroon.

Available on sale at for $200 (on sale from $275)


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