Jack Wills No-show Socks

via Jackwills.com

via Jackwills.com

If you are the proud owner of vans low tops, loafers, or drivers and you don't have at least a few pairs of no-show socks, we need to have a talk. No-shows are the silent, unseen heroes of low cut shoes. While you may feel these types of shoes are meant to be worn raw, adding a thin layer of cotton can really make a difference in comfort and smell. No-shows are the best way to keep your shoes from stinking, and your feet from getting some bacteria-based issues like athletes foot. These no-shows from Jack Wills are 100% cotton and that's about all you need. You could opt for ones with some fancy designs, but the whole point is that they aren't seen so... Anyway, now that they are on sale, it's hard to find a good reason not to grab a pack of three.

Available on Jackwills.com for $9 (on sale from $19)


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