All Saints Torr Crew Neck T-Shirt



You know what's too much to spend on a pocket-T? $80. What's not too much, is half that, which this Torr T-shirt is currently available at thanks to a sale by All Saints. This Torr T-shirt is definitely more on the casual out-and-about side of the spectrum. And now, thanks to celebrities like Zayn and at least one of the Jonas brothers, detail rips and holes make you look like you belong in the lime light. This pocket-T is will fit a little loosely, as is intended, and will have a soft vintage cotton feel, as you should expect from a T-shirt that costs $80 MSRP. So grab it now, while its on sale, and pair it with some dark jeans, a peacoat, and some chukkas or combat boots to really channel the New York street style.

Available on for $39


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