Rhone Torrent Pant

via Rhone.com

via Rhone.com

What does your ever-recurring gym-themed new year resolution need? The right pants to perform in. These Nylon-Polyester blend workout pants are great for weight training. They are super stretchy meaning they won't inhabit your squatting, thrusting, and snatching abilities without sliding at the waist, avoiding the squat dip plumber's crack. They have a zipper pocket on the butt, to secure your wallet or keys, and an elastic front pocket that keeps your phone in place while rowing, running, and box jumping. We really like them for leg day (which is every day) or those of you doing Crossfit and are still doing WODs involving outdoor running. A heads up on fit: the inseam on the mediums is 32in so if you are a little shorter, you may need to get these hemmed to keep them out of the way.

Available on Rhone.com for $98


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