Fossil Leather RFID Passport Case Review



This week’s Goods theme is based around travel, and a touch of leather. Leather is simply more durable than almost all other natural materials used in clothing (other than metals of course), which makes it a perfect resource to add to your daily carry, and wear when traveling. To kick off this short week, we have the Fossil Leather RFID Passport Case. Sure you can just carry around your naked passport, but that tends to lead to bent corners, and marked up pages, which is the last thing you want when you are getting judged each time you head into a new country. This case also protects your passport from rogue RFID readers, has a zip pocket and 5 card pockets should you want to turn it into your travel wallet. Up your travel game, and be better than the college kids waving their bare passports around.

Available on on sale for $35


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