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via whatisagentleman.com

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You know what every guy could use? A little help with his closet. We offer a suite of wardrobe consulting services tailored specifically to guys. So why not give them the gift of confidence and higher self-esteem by putting a What is a Gentleman Gift card in their stocking this year? We offer in person and virtual wardrobe help, including a unique closet inventory and analytics service that you won’t find anywhere else, giving your guy a view into his closet he’s never seen before. Give a gift that will help him better understand how he dresses now, and what he can do to dress better in the future.

Check out our full list of services and prices here before you buy.

Available on WhatisaGentleman.com from $60

Please note, all in-person sessions are limited to those living in PA, NJ, NY, MD, DC, and VA.


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