Rhone Reign Short Sleeve Workout Shirt

via Rhone.com

via Rhone.com

Bikini season is right around the corner which means it's time to change your trajectory from winter comfort layering to beach bod shred. That being said, motivation is hard, especially when the end goal is so far off and you have "time" to procrastinate. This is why we are bringing you the Reign shirt by Rhone today. You need small motivators along your journey to a public-ready shirtless state, and new workout clothes is a great way to do that. Everyone needs an occasion to wear their new gear, and when that excuse is a hard workout... look out ladies because these abs are about to get sharp. Note: this is not a cotton-based shirt, but a nylon-polyester-spandex blend, so it's super soft and moisture wicking but also not to be ironed. 

Available on Rhone.com for $34-$68 


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