T.M.Lewin Non-Iron Micro Dogtooth Twill Blue Dress Shirt

via tmlewin.co.uk

via tmlewin.co.uk

If you are a guy that wears business casual or more formal dress to work, chances are you try to use these shirts for other occasions like weddings, art shows, and other nicer events. It makes perfect fiscal sense to buy shirts that can do both. It is in that vein we give you this micro dogtooth non-iron shirt from T.M.Lewin. The non-iron twill makes it easy to unpack and wear in a pinch, and the tight houndstooth-style design gives it some visual depth without yelling it at you, making it a perfect workin' to twerkin' shirt. We suggest wearing this with some navy chinos for the more casual space, and a light or medium gray suit for those attending a fancy function or important meeting.

Available on TMLewin.co.uk for $75 (including shipping) 


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