LSTN Troubadour Wireless Headphones



As a continuation of the "buy things that make you feel good" theme we are doing with the goods page, we present to you LSTN. LSTN is a company that was founded with one mission in mind, develop and sell premium noise making products (speakers and headphones) in an aim to help those who are hearing impaired in underprivileged communities around the world. LSTN partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring hearing aids to those in need. What's even better, is the headphones look and sound awesome. Meaning, this isn't strictly charity per-say, but a self indulgence that does some good in the world. The Troubadours are their most premium product, they also offer headphones for as little as $50 and speakers for $100, so don't be afraid to go and have a look around their site.

Available on for $180


Full Disclaimer: By clicking "Buy" and purchasing an item from this retailer, we here at What is A Gentleman do not receive a commission but really like what these guys are doing both for our ears and the ears of others.