BC Burnings Dude, Breathe. Flag

via BcBurnings.com

via BcBurnings.com

We all could use a reminder every now and then (for some every day) to just pause and breathe through what ever it is we are going through. Whether its stress at work, tensions with the family, or spats with your significant other, taking a moment to focus on yourself and just breathe it all out is a great way to avoid exploding on unsuspecting pedestrians we encounter during our daily trails and tribulations. This flag serves as that reminder, and adds a great vibe to any room in your living space. Specs: Each flag from BC Burnings is coffee dyed for an antiqued look and they are hand painted, aka as authentic as you can get without happening on a really ahead-of-its-time flag in a barn in the middle of Minnesota.

Available on BCBurnings.com for $50 


Full Disclaimer: By clicking "Buy" and purchasing an item from this retailer, we here at What is A Gentleman do not receive a commission but feel that a lot of people could get some great use out of this flag.