Polo Ralph Lauren Patchwork Cotton Sport Coat

via ralphlauren.com

via ralphlauren.com

We know, we know, wtf, this jacket is wild. Why is it on here? Well hear us out! While this jacket is a bit crazy, it has a uniqueness that you'll likely not run into as you run around on your Saturday or Sunday brunch tour. This patchwork cotton sport coat from Ralph Lauren has a 3 button design and a whole lot of intricacies that make it an awesome top layer. Think of this more as a never-button, throw on on top of some rugged-themed layers, outfit completer. We suggest wearing it with some raw denim, a plain white or charcoal v-neck tee and a black or gray hoodie underneath to create a no-effort, just threw this on, type of look. We would also suggest a denim button-down underneath and pushing up the sleeves for "workin-man"  look that will sure to differentiate you from every other guy at brunch this weekend. 

Available on ralphlauren.com for $265 


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