Rhone Fletcher 7 inch Swim Trunk

via Rhone.com

via Rhone.com

While it did just snow again across the east coast of the US, warmer weather is coming, it HAS TO. So make sure you are prepared for the impending beach season with a new pair of trunks. These 7-inch trunks from Rhone are unlined, aka no abrasive mesh rubbing your soft spots. The 7-inch inseam is perfect for guys 5'7"-6'1" who are looking to tan the mid-upper thigh, which is always a war of attrition. In terms of fabric, they are a quick- drying nylon with a healthy dose of spandex to give you the range of motion needed to run go-routes and not impede a morning beach yoga practice.

Available on Rhone.com for $88


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