Hook and Albert Leather Structured Briefcase

via HookandAlbert.com

via HookandAlbert.com

While many people are switching to the backpack, using a classic-looking, high-quality briefcase can be unique statement piece to show off your personal style  and commitment to the better things in life. This leather briefcase from Hook & Albert is perfect for a guy using a 13 or 15 inch laptop,  an iPad, and some old fashioned pens and notepads. The pebbled leather body gives the bag great texture, while the smooth leather handles ensure that only the best leather is touching those all-too-important, deal-making phalanges. While this bag is on the pricier side of our normal selection of goods, you get what you pay for- this bag will last you for years. Plus if you give them your email when you get to the site, you get 15% off, that's over 48 smackers!

Available on HookandAlbert.com for $325 


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