Alpha Brain by ONNIT



We normally don't go into nootropics or performance enhancers on here, mostly because it takes a while to try them and really relay the effects. We have given Alpha Brain a true shot. After a month of use, we can convey that, while it's a little pricey, it does actually improve focus and memory recall. Writing all of the time can be a grueling process, especially if your brain isn't firing on all cylinders. We have tried Alpha brain, specifically in the afternoons after lunch when focus is at an all time low, and have found that it has increased our afternoon productivity by at least 60%, which is huge. The recommended dose is 2 capsule and after trying to pinch it to 1, 2 really is where the effects are noticed. Now, this is the drug from limitless, and we haven't solved world peace, and discovered a new start, planet or miracle cure, but a little mental boost in when we feel ourselves fading is always useful. We also tried gaming with this (playing Overwatch) and found that quick decision making and reaction times were a bit better, increasing gold medals earned and competitive rank :).  

Available on for $80 


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