Wood Inlay Tie Bar From The Tie Bar

via TheTieBar.com

via TheTieBar.com

A basic accessory that really completes a well-put-together look, the tie bar can be a statement piece, or simple accent other parts of the outfit. If you are matching the tie and pocket square, I suggest pulling in an element from somewhere else in the outfit. In this case, with this wood inlay from the Tie Bar, we are pulling in the brown from the shoes we selected yesterday. Pulling the brown in from the shoes (and hopefully a belt and watch) really pulls the darker colors up to the top half of your ensemble, tying everything together quite nicely. The width of the tie bar depends on the tie, but if you going with a modern width tie, you can't go wrong with the shorter tie bar length. A note on wear, typically a tie bar should be worn just above the third button down on your shirt, sitting right around center on your chest.

Available on TheTieBar.com for $15


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