ePEBO by BODUM Vacuum Coffee Maker Review

via Bodum.com

via Bodum.com

If you are a coffee guru or like weird interesting gadgets, then this is the drink-maker for you. The ePEBO coffee maker is a vacuum brewer, meaning it uses a syphoning-style system that is calibrated to brew your coffee at just the right temperature for the right amount of time, every time. This ePEBO, as compared to its cheaper brother the PEBO has a built in heat source you can plug in, meaning you don't have to sit the apparatus on your stove or hot plate in order for it to work. While there are faster and more methodical methods to home coffee brewing, this one is by far the most interesting to watch. This is the coffee maker for the weekends you have guests, or the brewer you break out after a home made 3 course dinner party. COlor your hipster guests impressed, with this sweet-looking, great tasting, vacuum coffee maker.

Available on Bodum.com for $200


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