Adidas NMD Pink Five Panel Hat Review



They say real men wear pink, and apparently Fridays have become hat days on WIAG. This Adidas NMD pink hat will top off this "from the feet up" streetwear selection week. The 5-panel is super comfy and stays on your head better than the classic "dad" hats, and is great for those who bike and wear helmets, as the brim sits low enough to accommodate most standard noggin protectors. Outside of it's functionality, this hat is different (think about the last time you saw a guy in a pink hat). If you have the confidence to pull this off, you deserve to wear it and wear it well. This goes with everything else from this week and can be added to any light or dark ensemble as a small statement piece. 

Available on for $14


Full Disclaimer: By clicking "Buy" and purchasing an item from this retailer, we here at What is A Gentleman will not receive a commission but this hat is pretty dope.