Taylor Stitch Leeward Shirt in Oxblood Review

via TaylorStitch.com

via TaylorStitch.com

Weekly Theme: Keep it Cozy

With the lower temps sticking around for the next 6 weeks at least, not to mention the inevitable nightly dips throughout most of spring, layering is a key way to build great outfits and stay cozy when the mercury can’t seem to reach the 40 hash. Over-shirts like this one from Taylor Stitch are key players in look fly and staying warm. This is a thicker, wool-blend shirt that goes perfectly over a long sleeve v-neck, short sleeve pocket T or band collar button-down that screams “I’m fashionable!” I mean, it’s a thick oxblood colored button down, if you’re going to be bold, be bold. Pair it with dark wash jeans, black chinos, olive chinos, fitted khaki’s or gray pants for a sophisticated, balanced look.

Available on TaylorStitch.com for $188


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