Dash Hard Boiled Egg Maker Review

via Amazon.com

via Amazon.com

Weekly Theme: Fuel Your Morning

We’ve given you a great option for your morning drink, now it’s time for your morning sustenance. Skip the carbs in cereal and toast and stick with hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs have the protein and fat needed to start your morning off right without slowing you down. Hard boiled eggs are super quick and easy to prep and eat, especially with a hard boiled egg maker like this one from Dash. It can hard boil 6 at a time, which means you’d only have to use it about once every 3 days (if you are eating two eggs a morning). Quit finding out you under or over cooked your hard boiled eggs the hard way, when it’s too late, and just worry about what your going to put on your egg. (We suggest Old Bay)

Available on Amazon.com for $20


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