DTRT So Fine Skin Toner Review

via sephora.com

via sephora.com

Weekly Theme: Cooler Weather Skin Prep

Toner? So it will make my skin color better somehow? Not exactly Chad. Toner is used to control oil that builds up on your face in addition to regulating your skins pH balance and can help fight inflammation and infection. If you are worried about your face (who isn’t?) adding a toner, especially as the seasons change, can be the key to keeping your money maker looking better than ever. This toner from DTRT doesn’t have alcohol in it like many toners, it uses pine resin instead, making it a bit gentler on your skin, and smelling nice and woody. We suggest that if you are just trying out a toner for the first time, only use it about twice a week, and make sure you are also using a moisturizer, no one wants an oily face, but we also don’t want a flaky one.

Available on sephora.com for $28


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