OuterKnown Outlook Fleece Pullover Hoodie Review

via outerknown.com

via outerknown.com

Weekly Theme: New Orleans Inspired

We had to have something purple this week right? I mean come on. One of Mardi Gras’ main three colors! This fleece hoodie is awesome. It’s super soft, mildly plush and great for the guy that wants to pop on some color, but wants to stay super comfy and casual. This is THE “I need to go get coffee before I get totally ready” sweatshirt. Stay warm, stay loose, and keep comfortable. Wear this with a nice pair of stretchy jeans, sweat pants, or even shorts for the coming beach mornings, OR put it under a jean jacket for a really cool, textured layering look.

Available on outerknown.com for $178


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