Warby Parker Sutton Sunglasses

via warbyparker.com

via warbyparker.com

Weekly Theme: Memorial Day Prep

Memorial Day is this weekend, meaning the unofficial start of summer has arrived. In honor of this most glorious holiday, we are getting you prepped for the weekend and the summer. So what do you need all summer long? Eye protection. Not only that, but eye protection that looks cool when the temps get hot. These Sutton sunglasses from Warby Parker give you everything you need. They have a more classic silhouette, are light in weight but still sturdy, and give off a beachy look that can also be worn with your go-to-work gear without being too casual. They are standard sunnies for the summer. Simple, useful, and big enough to cover your eyes without being bug-like. Steve literally copped a pair of them this morning and he is pretty smitten with himself. Be like Steve.

Available on WarbyParker.com for $95


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