Michael Kors Theroux Bracelet Watch Review

via Nordstrom.com

via Nordstrom.com

Weekly Theme: Interview Season

Every interviewer will look for details that can give them some inking of how the person they’re interviewing ticks. That’s why details matter. Wearing a watch is one of the mental checkboxes many interviewers have that give them a “good feeling” about a candidate. The presence of a watch provides at least the impression that you care about time, because you are wearing something that is dedicated to the telling of it. We suggest that if you are interviewing in a suit, go with a metal-band watch. It is more formal and makes a slightly larger impact than their leather counterparts. This Theroux watch from Michael Kors looks professional, isn’t too big, and is a recognizable name. And in reality, many of these interviewers are just looking for familiarity so they can relate to you, and you to them.

Available on Nordstrom.com for $188 (on sale at time of posting)


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