Junk Headband in OD Green Review

via junkbrands.com

via junkbrands.com

Weekly Theme: Summer Workouts

Summer workouts can be the best and the worst. They’re the best because it’s easy to warm up, and running outside is way better when it’s warm out. They’re the worst because when it’s too hot, it’s easy to over heat, get sweat in your eyes, and it can take a lot longer to cool down afterwards. So to help with the pitfalls of working out in the summer heat, we have items this week that will relieve some of the issues. To start off, let’s keep the sweat out of your eyes. Hats can be too hot and get in the way during overhead workouts, but headbands, like this one from Junk (an industry standard), is a perfect way to keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes and face. Don’t stop mid-workout to wipe your face every 30 seconds, keep the sweat above your brow with a high-performance headband.

Available on junkbrands.com for $16


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