HydroFlask 32 oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle Review

via DicksSportingGoods.com

via DicksSportingGoods.com

Weekly Theme: Summer Workouts

Water is essential to have with you for any workout, but it’s especially critical in the summer. The more you sweat the more water you need, it’s basic workout knowledge. Make sure you can carry around enough of it to get you through the grueling hot days when the runs are long and the lifts are heavy. This larger-than-normal Hydroflask holds 32oz of water, just enough to get you through an hour-long workout and the recovery time without having to worry about filling it back up. It’s vacuum insulated, meaning it will keep your water cooler longer for the times you feel like you’re overheating and it’s been 2 hours since you filled it up.

Available on DicksSportingGoods.com for $40


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