Rainbow 301 Alts Flip Flops Review

via Nordstrom.com

via Nordstrom.com

Weekly Theme: Gettin’ Sandy

How else do we start a week about getting sandy than with some killer sandals. You’ve likely heard of Rainbows back when you were in high school, they were the cool kid flip flops. Well, they are coming back to the forefront, and are just as comfortable as ever. They don’t have any bells and whistles, but they offer great arch support (which is rare in a sandal) and are one of the few sandals you can wear all day that don’t mess up your feet or your back. Save the $1 old navy flip flops for the communal showers at camp grounds, and grab these for your days and nights near the beach or out in the park.

Available on Nordstrom.com for $53


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