Opening doors

photo via  amc

photo via amc

It’s the trademark of a gentleman—if a gentleman was compared to Johnson and Johnson, opening the door would be equivalent to Band Aids. Sure, we do myriad of other things, but everyone knows us for our Band Aids.

“You are a gentleman and a scholar!” The most frequent uttering of this phrase is most likely performed by the proverbial Aunt Jane as we open the door to our local Marshalls and let her walk into the store before our proverbial 12-year-old selves. This is ironically the heart of why opening the door for others is so crucial to the gentleman. It is embedded in 85% of the population (made up number) that the first sign of a gentleman is a one who opens doors for others. Whether it is at work or at a bar, the gentleman in any group will open the door for those behind him.

Think it goes unnoticed? It doesn’t. Make a point to open the doors for others and see the ripple effect it has. Start in the office and see how many other start joining you in the trend. Do it at the bar, even for those you don't know, and watch how many genuine smiles you get from the women you let in. For the night, you will be the guy that showed them at least a second of kindness before they were hounded by the vulturous bros inside, which can pay off in the end.

Opening the door is the gateway to the “passing it on” movement, and the causeway to more gentlemanly endeavors in your future. Strive to be the best man you can be, and the best way forward, is to open the door in front of you.



If entering a revolving door, it is actually proper to enter the revolving door first before any women behind you in order to start the rotation and make it easier for them to push through the large carousel doors.

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