The Investment: The Navy Suit


Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned analyst on Wall Street, a classic navy suit should be a staple in your wardrobe. It may not be the flashiest of suits, but it’s a work horse that will deliver for you each and every week. It can be worn during any season, making it an ideal investment piece.  Menswear advice always dictates that every suit collection should begin with a gray or navy suit. We agree; both suits are essential, but a navy suit is more versatile. For example, a bourbon, brown, or black shoe play equally as well with a navy suit.

When purchasing a navy suit, it’s important to take into account some guidelines that will ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible.

Elect for a Two and a Half or Three Inch Notch Lapel

The lapel is often one of the most variable aspects of a suit. Most commonly, suits come in a  notch or peak lapel, while the shawl lapel is rarer. A three-inch lapel makes it adaptable to the fashion trends that happen from year to year. Whether the fashion house tug-of-war favors slim lapels or massive lapels, like this, the two and a half or three-inch lapel is a happy medium between the two.

Buy a Two-Button, Single Breasted Suit

Like lapels, the styles of suits are constantly changing. From double-breasted to three piece suits, different styles have disappeared and reappeared throughout the years.  Of all these, the two-button, single breasted suit has remained in style due to it’s classic, sleek silhouette. It’s one you should purchase before moving onto more trendy looks. By making a timeless investment in a two-button, single breasted suit, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style.

Get a Tailored Fit

From the baggy suits of the early 2000’s to the chopped slim suits of today, the fit of the suits is always changing.  Within this spectrum, a tailored fit offers an ideal balance because it ensures that the suit contours to you. The male form evolved to be pleasing to the eye; having your suit complement and accentuate your natural attributes makes sense. With a tailored fit, your investment will be well prepared for any style changes of the future.

Opt for a Half-Canvas Suit

Most of the aforementioned points are about ensuring that your investment lasts  but we’ve yet to cover the most important part of that: the construction. If you’ve ever purchased a suit off the rack at a department store, then chances are it’s fused. Fused suits are, well, suitable for cheap mass production, resulting in some major drawbacks. Not only does dry cleaning destroy the glue used to fuse the suits, but the fusing prevents the suit from naturally conforming to your shape. Full-canvas suits have none of these drawbacks, but can cost a few months rent. Between these two options, you have the half-canvas suit. In the half-canvas suit, the jacket is canvassed, which allows you to retain most of the benefits of a full-canvas suit without the  high price point. If you have the cash to spare for  a full-canvas suit, by all means go for it but at the least, find yourself a half-canvas suit. Not only will it look better than your run-of-the-mill fused suits, but you’ll be getting something that lasts longer,making it a true investment piece.

Our Picks:

sienna blue plain suit- suit supply.jpg

1) Sienna Blue Plain Suit - $639

I personally own this suit and it has become my go-to suit throughout the year. It’s a simple, two-button, single-breasted suit that features a three-inch lapel with a slightly heightened button stance. It’s a true all-season suit that’s precise, versatile, and won’t break the bank. At a base level, the suit costs $640, making it slightly more expensive than most off-the-rack suits you find at a department store. Unfortunately, you’ll have to front additional tailoring costs, which can add around $100 to your bill but Suit Supply employs expert tailors if you visit one of their brick and mortar stores.

2) Indochino Navy Crepe Weave - $799*

A suit owned by fellow blogger Stephen, the Indochino Navy Crepe Weave suit is a deeper navy suit with flecks of indigo throughout the fabric, giving it a deeper, textured look. Indochino is a little different than the other brands on this list, because they make your suit to your measurements and specifications. The material is a little lower on the thread count (super 100s) but still feels and drapes nicely on the chest. I would recommend Indochino for less common body types, and those looking for something more customized. $699 is fairly pricey for the threat count but the customization options and assured fit make it worth the added dollars. Tip: They tend to have sales fairly often, so be on the lookout.

3) Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald - $998*

When talking about timeless suits, the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald is an absolutely essential inclusion on the list. Based on the original worn by JFK and made popular once again by Mad Men, the Fitzgerald is the definition of a timeless suit. Having a heightened button stance, three-inch notch lapel, and a half-canvassed construction ensures that this suit will stay in your rotation for years to come. The Fitzgerald is not nearly as slim as the more modern Suit Supply and J-Crew options but still trim. Brooks Brothers regularly mark these down into the mid-600’s during their seasonal sales, so bide your time before picking one up. Alterations are complimentary.

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