Get Up On A Plane

Today is the age of travel. Our generation is on the move to more places more times a year than any previous time in history. Whether it’s for work or play, we are the mobile generation, and not just because of the phone in our pocket.

Some take the travel day as a day to slack off and wear pajamas or something similar. Some say the days of folks dressing up for flights departed when smoking was banned and the stewardess lost the mandatory “hot” factor. Well, we have noticed some attractive stewardesses on our flights recently and are looking to bring the standard of style back. So let’s start “falling with style” like our grandfathers used to. Here are some of our ways we look good from takeoff to landing:

The Feet:

Any avid traveller (without TSA Precheck) knows that slip-ons are the way to go when hopping on an iron tube of magical wonders. The loafer is a personal favorite because you can wear it with almost anything; shorts, jeans, slacks, you name it. However, if walking barefoot through TSA makes you uneasy (if you don't have no-show socks like these), go for some canvas slip ons, as the material will keep your feet cool and still allow you to give off the “I planned this well” look.

The Legs:

Nice dark wash jeans, slacks, or some nice khaki/navy shorts. During most of the year, jeans or slacks would be the way to go. Dark jeans provide a comfortable, movable, and versatile base that you can dress up with little effort. Slacks provide a looser, more breathable option for the legs. This would obviously pair best with a button down and perhaps a blazer if you get cold easily (which will be addressed below). Shorts are great when traveling during the summer months or if you are lucky enough to have your destination be a place of hot temperatures and hopefully even hotter locals. Shorts (sans cargo pockets) can be a great way to look sharp while being destination-conscious. No one wants to show up at their destination looking like the model on the 3rd page of this month’s Men's Health, just to sweat out 10 minutes into the cab ride.

QUICK TIP: Wear a belt. No excuses or exceptions.

The Torso:

Regardless of what you are wearing on your lower half, a comfortable long sleeve button-down is a go-to. The key here is layering…depending on your start and end destination temperature. If there is a vast difference from where you are to where you're headed, layers are the key. A v-neck with a button down and even a blazer can be a stylish and functional combo, and it will save you some space on the carry-on you just jammed full of clothes, of which you will wear 80%. If you get hot easily, most button downs have an awesome roll up function on the sleeves. Also, on travel day, timing is everything so wear a watch. You'll be thankful you did.

QUICK TIP: Stay away from grays and light blues. These colors show sweat stains quickly, which can make you look nervous. We’d like to think this is not how a gentleman should be perceived.

The Head:

If you are getting up early, if you have time to primp at your destination, and if you can look older than Squints Paladoris in a forward facing hat, go ahead and wear one. But that’s a lot of “ifs”. Hats can ruin a good cut, make your hair look matted, and if not facing forward, can be very annoying against the already uncomfortable airplane headrest. What we do recommend is a good pair of shades that you will undoubtedly need at some point during your trip.

QUICK TIP: Contact wearers- try going with your glasses during a long flight. Even though your personal overhead jet keeps you cool, it can really dry out your contacts and make you look like you may have “tampered with the lavatory smoke detectors”.