Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head: Umbrellas



An umbrella is like a romance, there are many that come and go, but you can find one that lasts. You may have gone through about a dozen umbrellas in your life; some unable to stand the rain, others torn by the wind, and some that you just left behind. Umbrellas can be cheap, flimsy, and forgettable, but a sturdy umbrella can give you better protection against the elements, durability, and even a touch of style. Here are a few that are worth remembering when you make your exit.

Barneys New York - $65

This umbrella has a classic look with a modern touch. The automatic stick means no wrestling to open it when you step outside, while the wood handle and silver tips subtly accent the durable poly/cotton canopy. The slim profile when closed makes this lightweight umbrella ideal for a commute or leisurely stroll.

The Brigg - $200-950

The British Royal Family has been sporting these handcrafted umbrellas for generations, so it’s an elegant look that’ll stay in style for years to come. Swaine Adeney Brigg makes a series of one piece umbrellas with strong wood shafts and handles with canopies made of either silk or nylon. Buying one is a bit of a splurge, but if they’re good enough to keep the Queen high and dry, they’re worth the investment. Avoid leaving these at coat check so someone doesn’t walk off with it.

MoMA "Sky" - $42

This is a personal statement and one of my favorites. The exterior gives a classic profile with a black canopy and sturdy wood handle. Under the canopy, you have a picturesque scene that will remind you that the sky's still blue even during a torrential downpour.

Totes Blue Line - $15-20

For those looking for a basic umbrella that’ll last, this line may be the best bang for your buck. These automatic wooden stick umbrellas come in British Tan, Steel Blue, Black, and an intriguing Men’s Stripe colorway, with a lifetime warranty, all for less than $20. 



1) Always leave your umbrellas open to dry - they’ll dry more quickly and prevent the metal accents from rusting.

2) If you’re walking alongside a lady, invite her beneath the canopy while you hold on to the umbrella.

3) Also, remember to walk street side incase passing vehicles make a splash.

4)Lastly, extend the same courtesy to your fellow man, no one likes to be caught in the rain without an umbrella.

What other umbrellas or tips would you recommend to your fellow gents? Leave a comment below to let us know!



Peter D. Singh Jr. is a professional musician: songwriter, barber, inventor, and corporate lawyer to be. He is currently stationed in North Carolina, completing his studies at Duke University School of Law in May 2015. Singh serves as a Minister of Music at One Love Ministries in Durham, as well as an official Spector Artist and the guitarist for General & Anti-Gravity. Versatility and focus. These may seem like tensile strengths, but the mark of Peter's brand is the ability to do many different things while executing each with excellence. He believes in focusing on the task at hand and engaging each endeavor with initiative and intensity, delivering on his clients' needs with his own stamp of precision on every project.